ABOUT OUR NAME                                                 

Sauboon (pronounced 'saw-boon') is the word for soap in the native Afghan language, Farsi.  We create our handcrafted soaps right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico (formerly San Diego, California).

We are certified as a New Mexico True Certified artisan.

New Mexico True Certified brings national attention to the care, quality and craftsmanship of products that are authentically New Mexican. 


My name is Zulfar and I have been a life long crafter. As a mother of four school aged boys, I wanted to find a fulfilling opportunity outside of my Accounting profession, giving me flexibility to balance work + family life. I took small steps to grow my home-based business in 2020, hoping for it to thrive and allow my creativity to grow.  

2023 brought us some unexpected surprises as we relocated our family from sunny San Diego to New Mexico.  This led to our shop being temporarily closed as we moved and settled into our new space.  We may be slow in picking back up but hope to streamline things as we find better methods to operate.


With countless hours of research and testing, I've created formulas using oils & butters that are rich in moisture while also providing the best cleansing lather. 



Unlike commercial soaps, handmade soaps are full of natural ingredients that can support your skin’s natural chemistry. One of the most important ingredients of natural soap is glycerin. This ingredient is a natural by-product of soap making and is often removed by commercial soap companies. But this key ingredient actually makes your soap foamier and attracts moisture to your skin.

Here at SAUBOON, we make all our products in small batches.  This means we put a lot of attention to the little details from ingredients, design, hand cutting, hand stamping and hand packaging it all.  So much passion goes into everything to create a beautiful handcrafted product.


We focus on using a variety of clays in our bars. For centuries, clays have been used for bathing benefits.  Clays are known for their many properties such as detoxification, promoting brightness in skin and producing a silky soap bar.  Clays are also a natural colorant in soaps and gives a beautiful finished product in our soaps.

In our native Afghanistan, special clay soaps were used in the hammams both for hair and face, to cleanse, exfoliate and give the skin a fresh glow appearance. These clays derived from sodium bentonite are still used today in the hammams.


We are eager to build up our partnership within our local community.  If you are a small business and would be interested in carrying our products, we'd be excited to hear from you!  We're also new to the Faire wholesale marketplace and looking to grow our brand nationally.

Please directly message us if you have any questions. 

We're all about the 'Smells So Good' experience, so give us a try!